World Languages


Fishburne offers several self-paced, mastery-based language course offerings for native English and non-native English speakers. The modern language courses are designed to prepare students for college entrance.

English for Non-native English Speakers

Four levels of Spanish are offered as well as 3 levels of English for non-native English speakers.

Spanish I

First year Spanish covers basic pronunciation, grammar, and translation. The cultures, histories and literature of the Spanish speaking world are introduced through readings and activities. Classes are conducted in Spanish as much as possible to build a working vocabulary.

Spanish II

Second year Spanish concentrates on developing speaking and writing skills. Continued development of vocabulary is a prime objective, along with a thorough study of grammar and syntax. The development of an appreciation of culture is continued.

Spanish III

Third year Spanish continues the study of vocabulary and grammar that was begun in Spanish I. Course work includes readings from Spanish literature, which can be utilized through online works and extensions of the textbook.

Spanish IV

Fourth year Spanish is devoted to more vocabulary building and fine-tuning of grammar skills. Written assignments are a regular part of the course. These assignments are generated by study of the literature of major writers in the Spanish language and discussion of these works in Spanish.

Reading and Writing in English

This course is for students from countries where English is not the native language. It is designed to build grammar, vocabulary, listening and speaking, and reading and writing skills so students are able to communicate functionally in and out of the classroom. The class is taught relying heavily on an online program called “USA Learns.” Students use the online program and are monitored by an onsite instructor that provides assistance as needed. Upon completion of the USA Learns program students then begin a program for TOEFL Test preparation.