Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment Courses for College Credit

Through Shenandoah University, Blue Ridge Community College, Piedmont Virginia Community College and several accreditated online college courses, Fishburne offers students the opportunity to earn college credit. Students enrolled in a dual enrollment course receive both high school credit and up to six semester credit hours of college credit for each course. Each Dual Enrollment class adds one full point to the grade point value. Thus, an A would earn 5 points. Dual Enrollment courses consist of a full high school academic year of work and are comparable to courses in colleges and universities. Students who take a Dual Enrollment course, and earn a grade of “C” or better, will earn college credit.

Dual Enrollment \ English \ Creative Writing

In-depth reading and extensive writing are the basis for this college preparatory course. Weekly themes of no less than 500 words include discussions of novels, plays, poetry, and short stories as selected by the instructor. Students may also write poetry, short stories, or plays in place of some weekly themes. The class studies novels and plays, and each student writes a term paper. The course includes an introduction to linguistics and a history of the American English language and grammar. The course is open only to seniors with the recommendation of the junior English instructor. This is a dual enrollment course in which the student earns both high school and college credit.

Dual Enrollment \ Biology

DE Biology is a two-semester course offered in coordination with Shenandoah University through which recommended seniors can receive credit for BIOL101/102 while still enrolled in high school. The course will cover basic concepts and applications pertinent to biology at a detail consistent with what one would expect from an introductory college course. Topics covered will include the scientific process, ecology, cell biology, genetics, evolution, classification of organisms, population genetics, and the human impact on the environment. Scientific reading/writing will be introduced, and lab activities will be submitted in a lab report format.

Dual Enrollment \ Advanced United States Government

This two-semester course is a survey of United States history from the colonial period to the modern era. Students read primary sources extensively and complete in-depth semester projects on selected topics. This is a dual enrollment course in which cadets receive both high school and college credit through Shenandoah University.