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Fishburne Is Ideal for Talented Boys Whose Talents Haven’t Been Discovered

When we see what’s great in a boy, it’s not long before he sees what’s great in himself. And at the end of the day, that may be the most important thing he’ll ever learn here. Because of our size, our unique perspective using a military model and our inclusive environment, Fishburne is the best place for boys to discover their best selves.

Two Ways to Attend Fishburne

Fishburne Military School accepts students grades 7-12 and provides two types of enrollment.


This plan is for students who want to attend Fishburne full time during the school year, except for leaves requested by parents or guardians, then approved by the school, and, of course, during holidays and leaves on the school calendar.

Day Student

You don’t have to live at Fishburne to be a full-time student here. As a Day Student, you attend all scheduled school activities, including lunch formation and physical training, then go home at night. This option is only available to students who live in Waynesboro and its surrounding areas.

Tuition \ 2024-2025

Boarding Day Student International
Annual Fee Tuition/Room/Board $36,900 $17,500 $42,900
Student Service Account $1,800 $750 $2,000
Uniforms (first year only) $2,500 $2,500 $2,500
Athletic Fee $250 $250 $250
Technology Fee $250 $250 $250
Registration Deposit (deducted from total) $2,000 $1,000 $2,000
Paid By Single Payment Plan Discount
July 1 $1,500 discount
$750 discount for day students
Matriculation Day $1,000 discount

$500 discount for day students


Summer Session Tuition \ 2024

New Students (ROOKS) $ 4500
Returning Students (Old Men) $ 4000
A Fishburne education can really be within reach

Payment Plans

Monthly payment plans are available through our business office.
Please contact Diane P. Howdyshell at dhowdyshell@nenkin-guide.com or (540) 946-7700 x100.

Additionally, the following companies have worked with FMS Families in the past to help them provide a quality education for their sons. If you are interested in exploring K-12 Education Loans, you can find more information by following the links below.

Admissions FAQs

Is Fishburne a school for “bad kids?”

No. Fishburne is for good young men (that want to get better).

What if I’m past your deadline?

Fishburne operates on a rolling admissions basis. Applications are reviewed on a first come first serve basis.

Is there an income cut-off?

No. Families are reviewed for financial aid and scholarships on an individual basis.

How is need determined?

Families are asked to fill out the financial aid application and submit their most recent 1040 tax form for review by the Financial Aid Committee.

What does Fishburne require in addition to the Parents’ Financial Statement?

Families should submit their most recent 1040 tax form. Letters describing a family’s unique financial situation are not required but are reviewed by the Financial Aid Committee when submitted.

What if I am divorced/separated or never married?

To be considered for financial aid, families must submit the 1040 tax form for whoever claims the student on their tax return.

With whom is my information shared?

Admissions and the Financial Aid Committee are the only individuals that will see submitted tax information.

What fees are there outside of tuition?

Any additional fees are taken from the student services account. This includes, but is not limited to, laundry fees, haircut fees, and medication dispensing fees.

Is there financial assistance for non-tuition related expenses?

No, financial aid is only applied to tuition.

Can I use my 529 funds to pay tuition?


Easier than ever application.

Faster than ever feedback.


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Sometimes the hardest part of applying is the waiting. And waiting. But not a Fishburne. We’ve made our application process fast, friendly and easy — plus we promise to get back to you in just five days. So don’t wait…your future is closer than you think. Submit an admission inquiry form.

Contact our Admissions team to discuss and plan your family’s visit to Fishburne Military School.

Mr. Mike Payne

Responsible for enrollment management at Fishburne.

(540) 946-7700 x107


Nelson W. Davis

Associate Director of Admissions
Lacrosse Coach